We are engaged in Thai therapeutic massage aimed at the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine and joints, degenerative disc disease, a consequence of chronic injuries, using a unique technique of Thai traditional acupressure therapy. With the help of special soft-tissue techniques and filigree handmade work, the soft tissues are straightened around the diseased organ, including joint, intervertebral disc. Therapeutic massage provides a complex effect on problem tissues that have turned into a vice for intervertebral disks, joints, blood vessels, and nerve trunks.
         There are 696 paired muscles in the human body, and it is they who provide us with freedom of movement, maintaining posture, performing actions and give us the opportunity to work. Unfortunately, sometimes they are damaged when superstressed muscle portions appear in the structure of skeletal muscles, and so-called trigger points are formed. Anticipating factors for the formation of myofascial trigger points are: work in a forced posture and movements of the same type, when only certain muscles are involved for a long time (working with a keyboard, driving a car, the profession of a builder, hairdresser, dentist), shortening of the lower limb, flat feet, stress on not trained muscles , bruises and injuries of muscles, diseases of internal organs and emotional overstrain. The presence of one or several trigger points in the thickness of the muscle leads to its damage - the skeletal muscle spasms, shortens, the compensatory activity of the surrounding muscles increases, the motor stereotype changes and a dysfunctional forced posture is formed. As a rule, this is the main cause of such diseases and symptoms as degenerative disc disease, herniation of intervertebral discs, deforming osteoarthritis, nonspecific chronic pain in the neck, back, lower back, and many others.               

        Therapeutic massage provides for a complex effect on problem tissues, a competent effect on the trigger zones, layer-by-layer smoothing of super-stressed muscle portions in the muscle structure, careful study of special reflexogenic points. Thus, microcirculation of the blood and nerve conduction at the site of injury are improved, own mechanisms of regeneration of the affected tissues are launched. During the session, muscle uniformity is restored, shortened, contractile muscles are stretched and weakened muscles are strengthened, their interaction is optimized. In the process of therapeutic massage, positive effects are achieved: the myofascial component of pain is stopped, autocompression of the diseased organ, intervertebral disk, joint, vessel, nerve trunk is eliminated, and full amount of movement is restored.